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photo of soffits with dentil detail and 3 windows after old lead paint was completely removed.
Old Village removed all lead paint from exquisite dentils on the soffit of this fine home in Chestnut Hill
photo of soffits with dentil detail and 3 windows after old lead paint was completely removed.

EPA Certified for Lead Paint Removal

Old Village is excited to introduce our new, proprietary process


Remove Paint and other finishes from Windows - Doors - Shutters - Furniture - Wrought Iron - and more
Great for Large and Over-Size pieces
NOT Dip n Strip ~ Safe for Wood and Environmentally Friendly!
Lead Safe

Old Village does not use hazardous Methyl Chloride

Attention: Owners of Older Homes

The Environmental Protection Agency on June 22, 2018 proposed to lower the dust-lead hazard standards on floors and window sills. These standards apply to most pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities, such as day care centers and kindergarten facilities.

read EPA Press Release

Lead Paint Removal (RRP)

Lead is a hazardous material often found in paint used in older homes that can cause severe health problems, developmental issues for young children, and birth defects. Some homes built before 1978 may still have lead paint. Under Federal Law, sellers and owners of rental properties must disclose any known lead hazards. The EPA in June, 2018, proposed lowering the dust-lead hazard standards from 40 µg/ft2 and 250 µg/ft2 to 10 µg/ft2 and 100 µg/ft2 on floors and window sills to minimize childhood lead exposure. Read the EPA Press Release.

Old Village is certified for Lead Paint Removal

"Stripped, repaired and repainted ~12 window sashes for original double-hung windows on 110 year old house, stripped repainted and weather stripped 2 doors, and repainted walls and ceilings of three rooms... we were adamant about keeping the original windows and that the work be performed in a lead-safe manner. Ed and OVMP were highly responsive and got to work immediately, they stripped the sashes back to bare wood, repaired sash pulleys and cords, and helped my wife select a color scheme for the parlor and playroom. I was working in the house and saw personally that the painters really followed EPA Lead-Safe work practices. ...Overall, the paint job is excellent and the work was done as quickly as possible. We are supremely satisfied!
- Richard - Main Line(...see more testimonials)

Many older homes have lead paint with beautiful detail work underneath that is very important to keep. Old Village Master Painters, in addition to our professional certifications, has a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into creating these architectural details and has extensive experience in preserving the beauty in your home while carefully removing the hazardous paint.

photo of courtyard with arched windows on 1st floor and double sash windows with shutters on 2nd floor
Old Village safely removed the old lead paint, restored and repainted the windows and louvered shutters at this home on St Martin's Lane

And once the lead (or non-leaded) paint is removed Old Village offers the highest quality interior and exterior painting, and creative specialty finishes to make your house into the home of your dreams.

"...Bernard, Jeff and Matt worked arduously to scrape off the old paint and provide a pristine canvas for the paint. Their efforts were extraordinary and elicited much praise from neighbors, dog walkers passinging by, and visiting family members..."
- Marian and Bill Benzing - Chestnut Hill (see more testimonials)

EPA Certified for Lead Paint Removal

EPA Logo NAT-44535-1
Old Village Master Painters has fulfilled the requirements of the Toxic Substance Control Act Section 402, and has received certification to conduct lead-based paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) activities pursuant to 40 CFR Part 745.89, certification number NAT-44535-1.


Our new Envello-Strip™ allows us to remove pieces such as windows, doors, shutters, etc and take them away from your home and remove the lead paint in our facility - minimizing the muss and fuss in your home.

Envello-Strip™ is a new, proprietary and environmentally friendly process developed by Old Village that removes paints and finishes - including lead paint.

After removing the lead paint we make necessary repairs, replace glass, etc., before re-installing everything back at your home.

(learn more about Envello-Strip and restoration of windows, doors, and cabinets by Old Village)


photo of ornate multi-paned arched window interior half way in process of lead paint removal
Work in progress - Removing lead paint from the interior of this multi-paned palladium window in Whitemarsh


photo of  c1844 cottage at The Highlands after lead paint removed
Old Village removed all the lead paint on this c1844 cottage at The Highlands, did significant restoration work, then repainted the cottage to help preserve it for another 172 years

Preserving the Details

photo of glass pane door with c window muntins and the carving on the jambs after paint removal
This detail of the window muntins and the carving on the jambs after we removed the paint shows the exquisite care that Old Village Master Painters takes when doing this kind of work on your fine home (}More about this project in Chestnut Hill)

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Our Shop is Located in North Wales, PA