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Metal / Steel Window Restoration

Steel Window Restoration

Cold rolled steel windows are a beautiful and common feature found on both commercial and residential buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. Restoration by Old Village Master Painters is a cost-effective way to preserve the look of your building, make your windows both operational and energy-efficient, and preserve them for a long time.
We also restore Wood Windows!
Cold rolled steel windows were introduced in the 1860s and became popular by the 1890s due both to improvements in technology and a series of deadly fires in Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The new fire codes required fire-resistant materials and metal framed windows were a perfect fit. Once in use they were found to be inexpensive and easy to install and soon became popular for all types of construction. . In addition, the thin profiles of metal windows contributed to the streamlined appearance of the Art Deco, Art Moderne, and International Styles, among others. They remained popular until WWII when aluminum windows took over.
Old Village does not use hazardous Methylene Chloride

Tudor Revival Steel Casements

Tudor Revival is a common style of architecture found in the Philadelphia area, Chestnut Hill and the Main Line and one of the key features of these beautiful homes is the fabulous steel casement windows used throughout the home. These windows have proven pretty durable in most cases but after 100+ years in service most of them need some work. The artisans at Old Village can repair and restore your casements to maintain and enhance the look and character of your classic Tudor, make them operational again, improve their energy-efficiency and preserve them with a factory like finish so your 19th century home keeps looking great well into the 21st.

Old Village Restores Metal Windows to Like/New (or better...)

Benefits of Restoration

  • Preserves the character of your home or building
  • Maintains the integrity of historic structures
  • Windows that look great and easily open and close
  • Modern finishes that preserve the integrity and finish so they last for a long time
  • Windows as energy-efficient as newer replacements *
  • Piece of mind that you’re keeping great old materials out of the landfills.
  • Types of Windows
    Cold rolled steel and other types of metal
    Double-Hung | Pivot | Projecting | Austral | Casement | Continuous | Glass | Wire Glass

    Old Village Restoration

  • We remove lead paint (EPA Certified)
    • Sand-blast, wire brush, wire brush wheel
  • Remove and replace all old putty and seals
  • Repair/replace materials where necessary
    • right here in our on-site welding shop
    Apply rust-inhibiting primer
  • Apply beautiful, protective finish coat
    • even high gloss finishes from Fine Paints of Europe
  • Replace glass
    • same as original - or -
    • modern multi-paned glass w/UV Protection
  • Custom interior mounting storm windows to further increase energy-efficiency available
  • Replace or add weather stripping*
  • Re-install and caulk for a tight energy-efficient seal*
  • Repair/replace/restore steel/brass/bronze hardware
  • * these actions can produce energy ratings rivaling those achieved by new windows ~ National Park Service

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